Our Story

We’re three lifelong friends from New England with a shared passion for getting kids off of the couch, off of their screens and out the door. 

Growing up together, we spent almost every minute of our formative junior high years outside. It was the pre-Metaverse era, we didn’t even have cell phones! 

If it wasn’t Wiffle Ball, it was pond hockey, street hockey, mini basketball, two hand touch or tackle. Those are the best kinds of memories, ones we still share together. Because you never know what’ll happen when you step onto to the field with your best buds. 

As the sport was beginning to blossom in the Boston area, we fell in love with lacrosse. Only problem was, there was never a way to do it in style, e.g. in phys-ed class, after school in your hand-me-down jeans, or away from the watchful eyes and screaming mouths of coaches. There was also no way for kids interested in dipping their toe into lacrosse to try playing it for real before their parents invest the amount of money it takes to cover equipment and league fees. 

We hope that Hackees can change all that, and give kids a way to get outside and play a realistic game of lax just for fun. 

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