FAQs & Safety


For recreational use only. Not sanctioned for use in competitive play.

  • Lacrosse is a dangerous sport.  Please use the product at your own risk.
  • The product cannot prevent injuries from intentional or accidental contact while participating in lacrosse.
  • Do not use the product if it is damaged or broken.
  • Keep checks and pokes light and use sidewalls and scoop of head primarily for poke checks and stick checks. Padded shaft covering is for added protection during incidental contact.  
  • Do not throw checks above the shoulders. 
  • Play the stick and the ball, not the body. 
  • Do not wind up when throwing stick checks.
  • If playing with a regulation-sized lacrosse goal (not a Hackees 3'x3' goal), the goalie should wear protective gear, including a helmet for protection from high shots.
  • The bottom side of the head has less padding to allow for removal of the foam covering.  Please be aware of this area when throwing checks.

    Recommendations for use: 

    • Hackees are meant for playing pickup lacrosse with stick-checking, whether that’s 1 on 1, 2 vs. 2 or 9 vs. 9!
    • We recommend playing with a “roving goalie” -- someone designated as goalie but who plays more of a midfield position when their team has possession of the ball
    • Beach Rules: We encourage playing a "no-scoop" style for ground balls at the beach. First to touch a ground ball with the head of their stick, earns possession of the ball. That way no one is eating a mouth full of sand!
    • Hackees are not meant to be played in the water, and sticks should never be fully submerged in water (salt, fresh, or chlorine)
    • We don’t recommend using on concrete or other rough surfaces that can irritate the padding materials and cause durability issues.
    • We don’t recommend practicing face-offs or working on your motorcycle grip with our sticks.
    • Be sure to store your Hackees in a dry place when you’re not using them, and never leave them out in freezing temperatures

    Here are some questions we commonly receive:

    How heavy is a Hackees® stick?

    • A regular Hackees stick weighs about 13 ounces.
    • Our "Long Pole" is about 14.5 ounces

      How long is a Hackee stick? 

        • Measuring from the butt end to the top of the head, a regular Hackees stick is 34.5" inches. 
        • Our "Long Pole" is  46" head-to-toe

          What kind of Lacrosse head do Hackees have?

            • Hackees sticks come built with a universal boys-style lacrosse head wrapped in a sleek, EVA padding covering.  Please see our product photos for a close up view of how the head is foam wrapped and strung. 

            What kind of ball comes with a Hackees set?

              • The ball is made of high density foam, creating a solid density similar to a regulation lacrosse ball without nearly as much "bite" for whoever is trying to save shots. 

              Is this a "mini lax" stick?

                • Hackees are not mini sticks (technically). Our sticks are larger than a traditional mini stick and slightly shorter than a regular attack/middy stick. Also, Hackees are outfitted with a high performance junior lacrosse head that is fully wrapped in soft EVA foam. But they are meant to played ANYWHERE -- like mini lacrosse.  Play in your basement (like mini hockey) and you'll save your parents the headache of repainting the walls every month.

                Can you use a regular Lacrosse ball to play?

                  • Hackees heads are plenty large enough to throw around with a regular ball, but we recommend using our ball if you're playing a game of "pick up" lax and shooting the ball with someone in the goal. 

                  Can you restring a Hackees stick? 

                    • Yes, you can remove the outer shell and restring with the cover back on, however we recommend snipping off any plastic tips on shooting strings or other strings before playing to prevent any uncomfortable stinging sensations for your opponent when you check them. 

                    What's the point of Hackees?

                      • You simply can't replicate real lacrosse in the backyard, beach or basement using real sticks without lugging all your equipment over to a friend's house and strapping on the pads.
                      • Hackees allow defenders to actually touch and check their opponent with their stick, which is a significant part of the game of lacrosse.
                      • This also helps develops defensive positioning, ball control and evasion skills in a casual setting, even if the whole point is to just have fun out there.
                      • We're hoping to create a whole new category of lacrosse, similar to what street hockey has done for hockey, flag football has done for football and Wiffle Ball has done for baseball. 

                        What age(s) are Hackees meant for? 

                          • Hackees are meant for all ages! But, we recommend Hackees for ages 6+ so that kids have a better understanding of how to control their stick checks, and avoid any wild swings above the shoulders.
                          • Hackees aren't just for kids... Washed up laxers and other adults who've never held a lacrosse stick can have a blast playing Hackees with their friends and family. It's a great way for parents and kids to have fun and practice their skills together. 

                          What is the shaft made out of? 

                            • Hackees sticks are made with a durable ABS plastic shaft, wrapped in high durability EVA foam.  The shaft is about 1.25" inches in diameter, and holds just like a regular lacrosse stick in your hands.  We found this combo of materials to have the best flex for throwing and shooting, while still providing cushion during game play.

                            Do you offer custom color sticks?

                            • The minimum order quantity for a custom stick run is quite large (about 500 sticks or more).  But please reach out to our support email and we'll see if we can help you out!

                            Do you make a Hackees Goalie stick?

                            • Not yet...but stay tuned!

                            Do you offer military discounts?

                            • Yes. Please contact us to verify your military service. 


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