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Interested in getting Hackees® in bulk for your youth league, gym classes, team, adaptive sports program or lacrosse tournament?

Hackees are the perfect way to introduce lacrosse to kids of all ages. We've heard the same challenges from PE teachers and coaches across the country that are trying to grow the game in their communities:

  1. Lax equipment is too heavy and bulky making it hard for kids new to lax to run, catch, and throw;
  2. Lax equipment is too pricey when you compare with soccer, basketball, and even baseball; and
  3. When you try to solve for challenges #1 and #2 by playing with just sticks and without pads, there's always an injury from the inevitable hacks during enthusiastic gameplay.

Hackees are built to solve these challenges to help grow the game of lacrosse.  They're more cost effective than getting a bunch of equipment, and they introduce kids to the stick checking that the dynamic game of lacrosse is known for without the bruises. 

We do bulk discounts for a wide variety of programs, including teams, schools, camps, and mixed-sports organizations. Email to set up a call to learn more. 

    • Entire youth leagues have been created around Hackees. Throughout the country, pioneering coaches and league coordinators are utilizing Hackees to create youth leagues to introduce young players to the game at a lower cost, and to build their pipeline of talent starting at an earlier age. 
    • Hackees aren’t just great for introducing lacrosse to younger players. They’re also the perfect way to bring some fun to practice for all ages with small-sided and free play drills. Let your players ditch the pads in the practice following a big win, or use Hackees to help loosen them up in practice ahead of a big matchup. 
    • Hackees are a great training tool. If you’re the kind of coach who likes to get into a drill and lay some lumber, Hackees are the perfect tool for you as you can break out your best poke checks knowing that Hackees will dampen the blow. 

Hackees are great for development, without feeling like practice. Wayne Gretzky likely wouldn’t have been the hockey player he was without growing up playing on the ponds. Playing just for fun and in an unstructured way sets up the perfect environment for unleashing new and creative moves and getting more reps in without it feeling like practice. 


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