Not a "Mini Stick"

Hackees are NOT another mini-stick:

Mini lacrosse sticks have been on the market for decades, and we’ve all had a great time messing around with them over the years. Both Hackees™ and mini sticks are generally played recreationally in backyards, beaches and anywhere else you can think of, and not in competitive environments. 

But that’s about where the similarities end.  Here's why Hackees™ are different:

  • Pickup lax without the bruises. Built for the backyard, beach, basement, and park, Hackees™ are fully-padded, so you can leave your bulky gear in the bag and play 'gloves off' lacrosse anytime, anywhere with stick checking, dodging, and all the other more physical aspects of the game that make lacrosse…lacrosse.
  • Not another mini stick. Hackees™ patent-pending design features a full-fledged universal lacrosse head pre-strung to throw on a rope out-of-the-box and a flexi-handle to provide just the right amount of flex to dampen the impact from checks and give you a little extra zip on those snipes.
  • Hackees feel much more like a game stick, meaning when it’s time to play for real, there’s not that same mental and physical adjustment that a player needs to make when they go from using a mini stick to their full-sized game stick. Hackees weigh about 14 ounces and are 34.5” long from butt-end to the top of the head, which feels and plays more like a regulation lacrosse stick.

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